January 15, 2018 Anago Marketing

Escape to Cape Town. Escape to Morgenrood.

As someone who didn’t always appreciate interior design and architecture, it was such a treat to work on revamping the Morgenrood website. The Morgenrood development offers buyers the opportunity to purchase up to 4 luxury double-storey apartments off-plan, investing in a favourably located historic Cape property, ideal for a stylish retirement. While the owners of the Morgenrood development just so happened to be my parents, it was incredibly encouraging knowing my family trusted my abilities enough to give me the job!

Their original website had been designed 5 or 6 years prior and had cost my folks an arm and a leg, what with the agency doing an html build – from scratch. I think we so quickly forget the impact innovations in website development have made on marketers and brands alike: today you can buy an automatically updated, beautifully designed template for a fraction of the cost of developing one from scratch. For smaller enterprises, this is an absolute God-send.

With such a niche product and market in mind, it became important to focus on revamping the content. Rethinking the intended audience of the website meant curating brand new sections and resources that would be helpful to both local and international visitors to the site. Upgrading the content also meant commissioning professional photographs and a walk-through video to give visitors a good idea of what they would be buying into. We ‘killed 2 birds with 1 stone’ by advertising the property on the Private Property platform, where they include these services as part of one of their advertising packages. This alone is a great way to save real estate clients money and hassle because these photographers are experts – you’re unlikely to come out with inferior images as might happen with a photographer that specialises in another field.

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I discovered that sourcing all the images and reference websites, writing new content, revising the website functionality and layout and journeying with the designer to tweak and perfect the website design took more time than I had anticipated. BUT, since the client is (genuinely, I’m told) thrilled with the end result it feels well worth the investment.

Take a look and see if you might like to retire at Morgenrood!