September 16, 2021 Lisa Aspeling

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Business

Incorporating social media into a marketing strategy is one of the magic ingredients that make for a good campaign. While some marketing techniques can be a little expensive – this one is easy, efficient, and can be lots of fun.

I’ve often spoken about the benefits of optimizing your Instagram platform for business and engagement, but let’s not forget the business opportunities surrounding other social media apps. Facebook, for example, has over three million businesses using the platform for advertising. It’s important to have your Facebook Business Page correctly optimized with quality Search Engine Optimization in order to maximize conversions.

First of all, there is a link between a well-developed social presence and your search rankings and in the end, a Facebook Business Page becomes a “second home page” for your online business. Since there are many rumours about Facebook Business Page Optimization on the Web, let’s put this straight.

In this post, you will learn some essential rules that will leverage your Facebook page.

Choose the right name

When it comes to optimization, it is fundamental to find the right name for your Facebook Business Page because once you choose it, it is permanent. It’s important to remember that the first word of your Facebook page title is the most significant in the eyes of Google.

This is why stuffing your page title with generic keywords won’t work. Doing so might make it look spam-like and discourage people from getting engaged, let alone sharing your updates. You need a brandable name that represents your business and shows its personality. This is the real intent behind any Facebook Business Page.

Customize your vanity URL

Never settle for the dynamic URL which is automatically generated when you sign up. On Facebook, you can easily personalize your address and unify it with your brand name. Make it unique and easy to remember.

If you match your Facebook vanity URL with the page’s title you are going to strengthen your brand recognition. Moreover, personalization will hugely improve the findability of your page both in Facebook search and in search engines.

Fill out your profile

Make sure that your avatar, cover photo, bio and profile info are complete and contain up-to-date information. A complete profile reveals your professional attitude and is a clear signal to your audience that you are engaged. You want to aim for consistency across all of your social media channels, and make sure that the main visuals match.

Build your marketing personas and improve the communication with your targeted audience by using the appropriate voice and tone.

Pay special attention to the “About us” section

The truth is, your visitors want to know all of the details about your business: where your office is located, what service you offer, what your working hours are etc. With this in mind, you want to provide them with complete information.

The “About us” section is a good place to emphasize values and benefits your products or service may bring to the customers. You need a suitable description short enough (you get 155 characters) to be correctly displayed in the search engine snippet, both on desktop and mobile.

Sprinkle your business page with keywords strategically

Making use of keywords is crucial, even when it comes to social media. Place your preferred ones in the most important, strategic parts of your page. Include them in the URL, page title and “About us” section because they will be visible on the front page and will appear in search results.

Remember that the name of your page corresponds with the title tag and your short description works as the meta description tag.

However, make sure that you do not overuse keywords: stick to a top six and mention them naturally in the proper context.

Include the phone number and address in your Facebook page

The current Facebook design shows your business category, location, phone number and business hours straight away, on the front page. Therefore, make sure to fill out your street address, city, state, zip, and local phone number.

Adding the address helps with indexing your brand for local search results and increases page following. Google simply pays more attention to pages that give specific contact information.


There you have it folks, my top tips for optimizing your Facebook Business Page. Remember that Facebook is constantly introducing new useful tools that are going to make running your business easier. To keep your page well-optimized, make sure that you keep an eye on any new features that come out and implement them as you go.


Not sure what features to focus on for your brand? Get in touch with us at Anago Marketing to find out what social media tools work best for your brand.