November 11, 2021 Lisa Aspeling

Instagram Tests New Partnership Features to Connect Brands and Creators

Earlier this year, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram’s Adam Mosseri shared during an Instagram Live their plans to “help creators make a living over the long run.”

Similar to TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, it would position Instagram as a one-stop shop for influencers to find brands to work with, and vice versa.

Here are some of the key features of this update.

Partnership messages

Brands and creators will be able to easily find priority messages, connect with each other, and collaborate on future campaigns.

A folder in your Direct Messages has been created exclusively for partnership/business related messages.

Brands will also be able to filter through the creator’s details (using Instagram data), like their follower count, location, gender, and age range.

This way, brands and creators will be able to easily find priority messages, connect with each other, and collaborate on future campaigns.

Data-driven Influencer Search

Brands will be able to use data and unique filters to discover and select the best creators for their campaigns.

They can then “organize shortlists to easily manage multiple campaigns.”

This is a major advantage for brands as they’ll be able to review verified data for a huge pool of potential creators – all directly in Instagram.

Instagram has not officially confirmed what filters will be available, but reports suggest they will include follower count, age, gender, and location.

Instagram will also provide categories such as suggested creators.

Essentially, You’ll be able to see every important metric, directly pulled from their Instagram account.

Preferred Brand Partners List

This new feature puts creators in the driver’s seat: they can add brands they’re interested in working with to a “preferred brands list.”

This way, they’ll be given priority when participating brands are searching for potential collaborators.

Think of it as putting your name at the top of the VIP list, and telling a brand right away that you want to work with them.

With the introduction of these new features, Instagram is making a statement to creators, brands, and influencer marketing agencies alike.

Working with influencers is a great way to market your brand to not only a large audience, but a niche audience.

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