July 7, 2020 Lisa Aspeling

#1 Marketing Mistake Small Businesses Make

Being a small business owner is tough! We’ve put together our latest insights on the number one mistake we’ve seen small businesses and social media managers making. Make sure you read until the end!

Have you been asking yourself, “Why isn’t my marketing working?”

Maybe you started posting on social media because you felt pressure to do SOMETHING, so you hired someone to ‘do social media’ for your brand. But has it had any impact on growing your brand and business?

So many businesses get burned because they jump straight into ACTION mode. Big mistake! The problem is you’ve started where you should finish…

A pyramid showing the progression and order of business, marketing and content strategy development.
Where each type of business strategy fits in with the others and in which order.

You’ve jumped in at the Content Strategy level, instead of starting with developing a business strategy, then a marketing strategy, only then to be followed with a content strategy (social media and all the actionable marketing activities that we’re all tempted to jump straight into!). In other words, you need to start at the top and make your way down in order for your content strategy to be effective.

When we realised that we weren’t able to help our clients in an optimal way BECAUSE of this very dynamic, it made us relook at how we ‘onboard’ new clients. Since this pivotal revelation we now insist on doing client training in marketing and social media, as well as group strategy sessions.

The biggest benefit is that we all get on the same page and start heading in the same direction together! It also helps that everyone can then speak the same language when it comes to marketing thinking, activities, and social media lingo.

Another benefit is that everyone who has sat in on the training and strategy sessions is totally on board, ‘bought in’ and ready to support the brand’s new way forward. The importance of team cohesion can’t be emphasised enough!

Team cohesion happens when everyone comes along for the ride!

What’s your biggest business revelation been during the past year? Share it with us on our social media platforms! @anagomarketing

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